CEO Message
CEO Message

While was working for different contractors as an agent in Middle East, I recognized that many clients and contractors were spending too much time to achieve a common understanding where guaranteed mutual interest.

It was strange to me that our Represented Competitive Technical and Commercial offers; backing up with contractor’s high capabilities in term of references, turn over ….could not assure success as a reward of our efforts.

Then I puzzled it out in a way of building companies with proper planning and constant monitoring through technical and commercial divisions. We were not playing as an Agent anymore but taking care of all project’s aspects like an EPC contractor in parallel with our represented Vendors .We began providing project management services in clarification among Clients and our presented contractors.

Today we are proud, having successfully managed projects in most challenging areas of the world with full satisfaction of all engaged parties.

We pave the road, we are always there for you no matter of your geographical distance is, we have full negotiation skill, technical and commercial knowledge.

We are the light of path you are not familiar with 



 Larsa International Group